Adriana, a devoted navakaraṇa teacher in Vancouver, passionately shares her love for movement, fostering connections within herself, her community, and the environment. Inspired by her own transformative journey, she aims to ignite curiosity in others about their own path to body connection.

Introduced to navakaraṇa in August 2020, Adriana was captivated by its melody, rhythm, and the unity of Ujjāyī breathing.

Adriana created a space for her navakaraṇa kula (community) in Vancouver as an environment that encourages exploration and inclusive self-transformation: AIRE.

Conceived by Dario Calvaruso, blending his extensive studies in Yoga, Āyurveda, and traditional arts across Asia. 

Rooted in the guru-śiṣya paraṃparām, Dario's journey from the Himalayas to Tamil Nadu and beyond shaped the Navakaraṇa Method, combining Karaṇas, Bharataṇāṭyam, and Yoga Darśana into a holistic approach for self-discovery, healing, and transformation. 

With a rich background in diverse traditions, Dario introduces traditional Sui-Zen from Japan into Navakaraṇa, incorporating zen melodies for sound-meditation practices, and establishes Navakaraṇa Kyorei in Yakushima, Japan, as a gurukulam and āśrama for self-transformation and organic living.
AIRE is viewed as the pivotal element in
yoga practice, akin to an empty canvas  
where one crafts their unique dance, much
like silence in music. It serves as a tool to
create internal space — physically in the
body and mentally through tranquility
and a meditative state.

"AIRE" (Air in Spanish), has two main meanings: "atmosphere" and "appearance." It encompasses  personal feelings, appreciation, and embodies
the air element in yoga traditions, symbolizing
movement, life essence, breathwork, and physical practice, as well as abstract concepts tied to
individual perceptions and emotions.

Seeking to embody the essence of being
AIRE, akin to those unnoticed until they're
absent, our personal practice aims to align
with this concept.

AIRE interconnects us all and, in the yoga
tradition, represents mobility, lightness, and communication, fostering balance, confidence, freedom from attachments, nurturing
compassionate connections.
AIRE encompasses kinetic energy,
communication, and the essence of life
itself, intricately tied to touch, and the
breath we inhale.


Adriana loves sharing her passion for movement. 
A passion that has improved her relationship with herself, her community, and environment around her. It is impossible not to want to share it with others.

Her purpose is to inspire those around her to get curious in their own path of connection with their 

Adriana is a dedicated navakaraṇa teacher who 
teaches in Vancouver. She practiced navakaraṇa 
for the first time in August 2020 with Alessandra 
Oram: Since then, she hasn’t stopped. 

Adriana was fascinated by the melody, the rhythm, 
and the meticulous way in which each movement 
was built in the practice. However, what made her 
fall in love with this method was the energy of the 
Ujjāyī breathing: All students flowing and 
breathing as one. 

In the summer of 2021 she met the conceiver of the method, Dario Calvaruso. Between 2021 and 2023 
she completed all 4 modules of Navakaraṇa  Vinyāsa Hṛdayam (432 hours). She realized that the magic of this method becomes even more powerful when shared.  She loves holding space for her navakaraṇa kula (community)  in Vancouver: AIRE. 

A space for creativity and inclusion, where our 
paths of self transformation converge.